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Surfing Scholarships

Scholarship Application Form

Aym DupuySurf Scholarships at Kingsley School are the most exciting scholarships currently being offered by any UK boarding school. Located in the UK’s only officially recognised World Surf Reserve, the Kingsley Surf Academy is the only one of its kind in the UK.

Apply if you have a love of the ocean, a passion for surfing, and an understanding and appreciation of all the physical and mental-health benefits that surfing provides. You will need to demonstrate this passion and will have been an active surfer for 12 months or more, with the potential to develop your skills and understanding further.

Scholarship details:

  • First-class training and instruction from our professional surfing coaches at Kingsley School;
  • Access to our sports nutrition programme designed for Kingsley by a doctoral research team at the University of Exeter;
  • Free access to our Surf Academy Programmes – see Surf Academy page under Senior School and Prep School pages.
  • You will compete for the school in local, national and international competitions;
  • You will provide mentoring and coaching support to younger students, and students of lower grades;
  • You will promote the benefits and the discipline gained from surfing throughout the school;
  • You will always strive towards achieving your next goal.Boy on beach