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Music Scholarships

Scholarship Application Form

183Apply if you have attended music or singing lessons for at least 2 years, and have achieved accreditation from an officially recognised body for attainment, for example, ABRSM, LAMDA, CDMT, Arts Award, Rock School, etc.

169As a successful applicant, you will have been able to demonstrate progress and aptitude, will be supported by a reference from your current music teacher or school, and will have completed a short live or pre-recorded performance piece.

170Scholarship details:

  • Free instrumental or singing lessons*;
  • Free ABRSM examination preparation and examination entry;
  • Free LAMDA examination preparation and examination entry (where relevant)*;
  • Free Arts Award entry;
  • You will perform in all internal, local, and national performances as required by the school;
  • You will represent the school in all local, regional and national competitions as required by the school;
  • You will provide mentoring and coaching support to younger students, and students of lower grades;
  • You will promote the benefits and the discipline gained from music throughout the school;
  • You will be an active member of the Performing Arts Society;
  • You will always strive towards achieving your next goal.
  • Your progress will be  recorded and monitored on your own individual scholarship tracker.

* Total number of lessons is dependent on the individual's needs to make significant progress through the scholarship programme.