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The atmosphere in Belvoir House made her feel like she was in a second home

Parent, May 2023

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Boarding at Kingsley School

Becoming World-class Global Citizens

At Kingsley, our foremost objective is to empower all students to attain success and happiness by fostering positive mental health and wellbeing. To achieve this, our boarding houses serve as nurturing havens, providing an optimal environment for students to flourish mentally and personally. We prioritize the development of their mental health, enabling them to embrace challenges, cultivate resilience, and evolve into their best selves.

Our core values are the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that every boarder emerges as a world-class global citizen, equipped to lead with distinction in the future. Through these values, we instill a sense of purpose and empathy in our students, encouraging them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world at large. As they grow and learn in our caring and supportive community, they embark on a transformative journey that prepares them for a fulfilling and impactful life beyond Kingsley.

Boarding Aim:

We aim for all of our students to achieve success and happiness through positive mental health and wellbeing. Our boarding houses provide the very best environment for students to develop their mental health and become the best versions of themselves. Our core values below ensure that our boarders become the world-class global citizens and leaders of the future.

It has been a unique experience and we are infinitely grateful for the love and care with which you have treated Carla during all these months - everything has been a fantastic adventure.


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Core Values

Success and happiness is achieved through positive mental health and wellbeing. To develop mental health and wellbeing, we ask all of our students to engage fully in our 5 core values;

Learn: Kingsley makes effective use of Quality First teaching and digital technology to deliver an academic curriculum that is both relevant and accessible to all our students. In addition, our boarders will learn new skills and and develop talents they never knew they had, which builds character and resilience. 

Be active: Kingsley offers an expansive curriculum that develops the interests and enhances the talents of all our students outside the classroom. 

Give: Kingsley develops the philanthropic and altruistic character of all our students, through service and volunteering opportunities. 

Appreciate: Kingsley uses its unique location in the UNESCO Biosphere of North Devon and one of only 12 World Surf Reserves to promote sustainability and environmental education. 

Connect: Kingsley provides the opportunity for students from a diverse range of backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities and learning differences to work together to become world-class global citizens and the best versions of themselves. 


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Pastoral Care

The high standard of pastoral care within our boarding community ensures that our boarders understand how their actions affect others. They learn to be considerate and accepting of different views as well as resilient to the challenges that life and learning can bring.

The students and teachers were all really helpful and attentive. To put it simply - her dream is to come back!

Parent, February 2023

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Our Boarding Houses

We have three boarding houses at Kingsley School. Belvoir House is the Year 7-11 girls' house, Carisbrooke is the Year 7-11 boys' house and Longfield is the co-educational Year 12-13 senior house. Each has a range of study-bedrooms, bathrooms, recreational lounges, kitchen-cafes, a laundry and outdoor recreational space.

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Making Friends for Life

Boarding school fosters a vibrant social atmosphere, providing abundant opportunities for making friends. From shared living spaces to communal activities, students forge deep connections. The diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences enriches friendships, creating lasting bonds and cherished memories. 


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Boarding Activities

Our activities embrace our 5 core values, and character development is documented in the unique Boarding Passport. Weekdays and weekends offer diverse options, taking advantage of our scenic Devon coast, local beaches, national parks, and tourist spots. The school theater hosts Bideford Cinema, showcasing the latest movies for boarders at no extra charge. Additionally, boarders can explore the charming market town of Bideford, visiting supermarkets, cafes, and independent shops after school and on weekends.


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A Typical Day in Boarding

Weekdays begin at 7:00 am, followed by breakfast at 8:00 am. Boarders attend school until 5:00 pm, then have supper at 6:00 pm. Afterwards, they enjoy leisure time and access recreational facilities.

Weekends are laid-back, with a 10:00 am morning bell, a hearty brunch at 10:45 am, and weekend activities commencing at midday.


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Food, Glorious Food!

Our dedicated Catering Team serves delicious, nutritious food all day. Breakfast offers hot or cold options, while lunch and supper include hot meals, vegetarian choices, homemade soup, fruit salad, and a salad bar. Boarding houses are well-stocked with essentials and locally sourced treats.


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Taster Days

Prospective Kingsley boarders are warmly invited to a taster night in our boarding houses. This can be combined with a school taster day or an overnight stay, experiencing a typical evening with supper, before engaging in various activities like basketball and surfing!


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New Boarders

Starting a new school can be daunting at the best of times, especially a boarding school miles from home. You will be paired with a buddy from day one who will help you to settle in and get to know everyone. You will very soon feel part of the Kingsley Family!


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