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Judo Scholarships

Scholarship Application Form

Apply if you have already trained as a Judoka, and are currently a member of a Judo club, either inside or outside of your current school.

You will have regularly attended training and will have already competed in a local, regional, national or international competition. You will be a 5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) or higher, with a desire to work towards higher grades. As a successful applicant, you will have been able to demonstrate progress and aptitude, and will be supported by a reference from your current Judo coach or club.

Scholarship details:

  • First-class training and instruction from our professional Judo coach at the Kingsley School Dojo;
  • Access to our sports nutrition programme designed for Kingsley by a doctoral research team at the University of Exeter;
  • Individualised training programme focusing on the acquisition and development of skills, S&C, and prehab-rehab;
  • You will compete for the school in local, national and international competitions;
  • You will provide mentoring and coaching support to younger students, and students of lower grades;
  • You will promote the benefits and the discipline gained from Judo throughout the school;
  • You will always strive towards achieving your next goal.