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Top Universities Programme

Scholarship Application Form

147The Top Universities Programme at Kingsley School, in collaboration with our partner college in Oxford, will help you pursue your goal of a place at one of the Russell Group universities, including Oxford or Cambridge.

Entry to the Top Universities Programme starts with a scholarship application. If accepted, you will be supported throughout the sixth form by a specialist mentor at Kingsley School with additional support from Greene's Tutorial College in Oxford. If you aspire to study at a top UK university, or wish to study medicine, law or engineering, then please contact us today.

A Top Universities Programme scholarship will provide you with individual, expert support to navigate your way through the application process and give you the best possible chance of securing your place at the university of your choice. The scholarship benefits include;

OxfordYour choice of university

By understanding your academic profile and aspirations, we will help you to strategise about which universities to apply to. Knowing which universtities deliver the right course for you will help ensure your future success.


Oxbridge Article

Key books and theorists

Top universities expect that students have read many books and articles relating to their subject. Our tutors will guide you through your wider reading, EPQ research and online lecture programmes.


TeachingKnowledge building

You will be guided on how to learn about degree level concepts related to the subject that you want to study at university. You will be advised on relevant work experience and you will receive support and practice for specialist entry examinations.

CambridgePersonal Statement

Our tutors will help you plan, structure and finesse your personal statement, demonstrating the knowledge and experience you have gained through the programme, with direct input from tutors in Oxford.


DurhamInterview training

You will learn how to deliver an outstanding performance in your university interview. You will visit Oxford and undergo intreview training to improve your confidence, presentation and responses to frequently asked questions.