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Earth Centre

Environmental and Sustainability Education

Environmental sustainability is the cornerstone of a Kingsley education – making the world a better place. It is seen as more than just an ethos or a philosophy, it is an integral part of Kingsley’s academic curriculum (inside the classroom) and expansive curriculum (outside the classroom).

We value our unique location in the UNESCO Biosphere of North Devon and in one of only 12 World Surf Reserves worldwide which is why environmentalism and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.


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Integrated into the Curriculum

By integrating the Earth Centre concepts across the curriculum and encouraging project work related to environmental sustainability, Kingsley is assisting all students to develop a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and solutions related to environmental sustainability.

Students will discover where environmental and sustainability concepts can be found in all subjects and areas across bothe the Core and Expansive Curriculums at KIngsley. They can also work towards the following qualifications;

  • The Kingsley Earth Centre Diploma (Years 7-9)
  • Higher Project Qualification (Years 10-11)
  • Environmental Management (Years 10-11)
  • Land-based Studies (Years 10-11)
  • Extended Project Qualification (Years 12-13)

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Carbon Neutrality

Through its development of the Earth Centre philosophy, Kingsley is driving its school operations towards carbon neutrality; investing in ecology zones to restore and enhance biodiversity on its site; and developing commercial scale market gardens to provide nutrient dense healthy food for its students and the wider community.

These activities are also aimed at cultivating a range of academic and vocational skills relevant to the environmental challenges we face and the new career opportunities becoming available.


Our Earth Centre

Kingsley puts climate action, biodiversity restoration and nutrition from healthy food at the forefront of its policy on environmental sustainability.  These three action points are brought together under the conceptual umbrella term called the “Earth Centre”.

Embracing Nature's Classroom

Unleashing Passion for the Environment in Kingsley School's Award-Winning Ecology Zone

The UNSECO biosphere of North Devon provides opportunities - which are again unique to Kingsley School - to study and appreciate the environment and ecology through our award-winning Earth Centre and Ecology Zone. With specialist staff ready to support the students’ learning, they soon develop a deep passion, understanding and appreciation for the world around them, and the difference they can make.

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Equiping Future Leaders

Not only does Kingsley aspire to equip the future leaders of tomorrow with the tools and understanding needed to address the environmental challenges we face; it is also our belief that many of the careers and job opportunities of tomorrow will require the skills and knowledge provided by the Earth Centre philosophy.


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The aims of the Earth Centre at Kingsley School

1. Climate action: Kingsley School aims to be carbon neutral by 2027

2. Biodiversity restoration: Kingsley School will measure the impact of its sustainability measures on the environment through annual biodiversity audits completed by the students

3. Nutrition: Kingsley School aims to develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of nutrient-dense foods and their health and commercial benefits, which are then experienced in the food provided to students in the Dining Hall

4. Curriculum: Kingsley School aims to integrate the Earth Centre concepts into teaching and learning across all Key Stages 1-5

5. Global leader: Kingsley School aims to become dominant in thought-leadership in the concepts of the Earth Centre, to become a leader in this field amongst schools across the world

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