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Kingsley Rugby Academy

Apply for a Scholarship today

You will have regularly attended training and will have already competed outside of school in local, regional, national or international matches or competitions. As a successful applicant, you will be able to demonstrate progress and aptitude, and will be supported by a reference from your current coach or club.

Scholarship Details

  • First-class training and instruction from our professional sports coaches at Kingsley School;
  • Access to our sports nutrition programme designed for Kingsley by a doctoral research team at the University of Exeter;
  • Individualised training programme focusing on the acquisition and development of skills, S&C, and prehab-rehab;
  • You will compete for the school in local, national and international competitions;
  • You will volunteer your time to provide mentoring and coaching support to younger students;
  • You will promote and demonstrate the benefits and the discipline gained from sport throughout the school;
  • You will participate in the annual Scholars' Day;
  • You will always strive towards achieving your next goal.

Further Benefits

  • Your name will be etched onto the Sports Scholarships' Board;
  • Up to 20% off the day fees at the school (boarding fees still apply to residential scholars);
  • 5 rugby scholarships, 3 football scholarships and 3 netball scholarships of up to 100% off day fees are available each year for entry into Year 12.

Sixth Form Sports Scholarships in Rugby, Football and Netball

Scholarship window for applying for Sixth Form 100% Rugby Scholarships for entry to Kingsley in September 2024 has now closed.

  • 100% off day fees at the school (boarding fees still apply to residential scholars);
  • You will have played at a high standard of representative sport (club, district, county, regional, national or international levels);
  • Your scholarship application will include a formal assessment in a real game situation for your current club or team.


Rugby 661

Elite Coaching

Receive first-class Rugby training from Kingsley School’s professional sports coaches, tailored to elevate your athletic performance.


Food Hall 8

Nutrition & Training

Benefit from a specialised sports nutrition programme and an individualised training regimen, both designed to optimise skill development and physical conditioning.


Rugby 110

Competition & Mentorship

Represent Kingsley in local to international competitions and volunteer to mentor younger students, promoting the discipline and benefits of sport.


Rugby 19

Additional Perks

Participate in the annual Scholars’ Day, get your name on the Sports Scholarships’ Board, and enjoy fee discounts. Specific scholarships are available for Year 12 entry.