Surf Academy

An insight to the surf industry

The surf Academy exists with the surf industry in mind. We surf, yes – but that's not all – there's a Shaping Bay, Water Photography, SurFit Sessions, and Support and Training to becoming a surf instructor at the heart of everything we do.

The purpose-built building gives you an insight into what is available to you as a surf professional and prepares you for a career within the surf industry.

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High Level Surf Coaching - Holistic coaching to support our most passionate surfersSurfboard Shaping Bay - Learn how to shape a surfboardWater & Surf Photography - Learn to use professional grade equipment to capture water & surf shotsTraining & Gain Qualifications - Get qualified to work in the surf industryWorkshops & Get Inspired - Meet professionals from the surf industry and learn from their experiencesLittle Nippers Weeks (5 to 7 years old)​ - Join us for a week of fun and learning in the waves!

Surf Passport Weeks - Get ready to catch some waves and enjoy the surf with friends!


High Level Surf Coaching

Holistic coaching to support our most passionate surfers

Our approach to surf coaching is differenciated and holistic. We will taylor the session to best fit what the individuals in the Academy need. We always have a reflective practice and are thriving to offer the best and most up to date coaching.

Our purpose build Academy and Kingsley Devon sports infrasctructure allows us to offer things such as Video analysis, Surf skate, Surf fit sessions & theory session to complement the coached surf session down the beach.

We are fortunate to have industry leading infrastructures and if the conditions are impracticable we can make the most of our indoor facilities.

  • Land & water based training

  • Video analysis

  • Surf Skate

  • Surf Fit

  • Theory sessions


Surfboard Shaping Bay

Learn how to shape a surfboard

Truly unique to Kingsley Devon we have our own Shaping and glassing bay where our students can watch & learn the whole process of making surf- boards.

The Kingsley Devon Surf Academy shaping bay allows our academy surfer to peek into the world of board shaping.

For our most interested pupils we offer individual workshops that would take them through the processes of surf shaping. From a simple repair to a full custom built surfboard.

  • Unique to Kingsley

  • Leant to shape and glass

  • Surfboard repairs


Water & Surf Photography

Use professional grade equipment to capture water shots

Content creation is at the heart of every marketing strategies nowadays. For our surfers that are passionate about photography they will get the opportuni- ty to use professional grade waterhousings and cameras.

Our links with local surf brands will give to our students opportunities to shoot products and practice content creation for people in the surf industry.

Post processing will be done on industry leading softwares such as Lightroom and premiere pro giving our students the tools to learn the worflow expected from professional photographers.

  • Professional grade equipment

  • Learn how to handle and care for waterhousings

  • Learn industry leading softwares


Training & Gain Qualifications

Get qualified to work in the surf industry

Supporting our pupils to develop the skills needed to get qualified and start their journey as a surfing professional. We will give them opportunities to build their skills and experience through leadership chances and work experience placements.

Regardless of the specialty they are willing to get involved in we will give them guidance and oppotunities to reach their goal.

  • Surf instructor qualification

  • Beach lifeguard qualification

  • Work experience


Workshops & Get Inspired

Meet professionals from the surf industry

Local experts will share their knowledge and provide critical input into our surfers progression.

Strengh & Conditioning, Mindfulness, water confidence, eco responsibility, bodysurfing and much more...

  • Meet surf professionals

  • Benefit from experience from surf industry pros