Surfing in Boarding


Our boarding aim is to be the best home away from home, and Kingsley is your home that's located 5 minutes from one of North Devon's best and safest beach.

Our boarders can enjoy all the benefit of the ocean .

A lifestyle near the sea benefit on our mental wellbeing is well documented and combining this with the sport of surfing enhances the positive effects and is now often prescribed by doctors to aid mental health.



Go surfing whenever the conditions are best!

In Kingsley Devon our boarders gets countless opportunities to go in the water and enjoy surfing. Weekends, after school, half terms, there is always surf sessions to jump in.

The boarding community is like a big surfing family and when the conditions are best, we are going in the water and make the most of our beautiful North Devon coastline.

We are surfing year around and even in the depth of winter we will get in our wetsuits, boots, gloves and hood and get in the water.

  • Countless opportunities

  • Surf when the conditions are prime

  • All year around


Surf skate

Surf Skate

Practice on land and improve outside of the water

Surf skate is such a great tool to practice on land and work on tranferable skills to better your surfing technique.

Our boarders can enjoy various surf skates from our fleet and use all the protective equipment that is essential to push themselves and stay safe.

Outdoor and indoor Kingsley Devon facilities will enable our boarders to have fun and practice their skills regardless of the weather.

  • Practice on land

  • Fleet of many different surf skates

  • All protective equipment

  • Indoor and outdoor facilities



Surf Academy

Benefit from industry leading facilities on site

There is always loads happening in Kingsley Devon Surf Academy during the week and at the weekends too. For those passionate about surfing and evrything around it they will be able to join, chill, help within the Surf Academy.

Coaching, Board shaping, water photography and videography, SurfFit, there are so many things for you to do. For surfing lovers, this is it, we are the sole boarding provision in the UK that can offer such an experience.

  • Unique opportunities

  • Leading facilities

  • Chill, learn, belong