Surf Club

The Surf Academy opens to the community

Nurturing a new generation of water-confident and educated surfers.

We are committed to our community, aiming to provide every child, from 5 to 17 years old, with the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive within the surfing world. With this in mind the, Surf Academy offers a community surf club in order for everyone to be able to enjoy our facilities and programmes. 

We have several strands to the club all hosted under the same Kingsley Devon Surf Club umbrella. 

  • Surf club lessons hosted every Saturday during term time and open to everyone from beginner to advanced. 

  • Attending and experiencing national and local competitions, accessible to all our surf club members (limited spaces). 

  • Volunteers' opportunities and coaching development programmes for young coaches. 


Links to join the Surf Club:

Step 1: Sign up for your annual Surf Club Membership *Required

Step 2: Book your Kingsley Devon Surf Club sessions


Open to all surfers regardless of abilities

Comprehensive Training Across All Skill Levels

Kingsley Surf Academy Club welcomes surfers at every level, from beginners to advanced competitive surfers. Our Saturday sessions are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse range of surfing interests and skill levels, ensuring a supportive and enriching experience for all participants.  

Our club is committed to fostering a friendly, safe environment where every surfer, regardless of their stage, can thrive and pursue their passion for the sport.



Committed to supporting our surfers who excel and inspire the ones that are thriving to compete.

The competitions are not separate from the club, it is an integral part of it and any child that wants to get involved will get an opportunity. For the 2024 season we will attend the following competitions: 

  • The Grom search 

  • The Surfing England Junior Series (5 events) 

  • English National Surfing Championships 

Each event providing our athletes with critical exposure and growth opportunities.  

Our goals are ambitious yet grounded; we aim for national competitiveness, focusing on participation as much as on competition.  

Within the groups we will take to the competition some will compete and some that will just attend the event to support the surfers and gain experience in this setting. 

This strategy ensures a holistic development environment for our participants, mixing the competitive and performance element with the discovery and familiarisation to new surf breaks.  

The program has three distinct yet interconnected streams: 

  • Competitors: The club members that are competing within the events will receive tailored coaching, strategic insights, and the psychological backing necessary to excel at the highest levels. It will also give them the opportunity to inspire and lead by example to the participation group. 

  • Participation: For the club members that are not yet ready to compete, they will be able to join an immersive experience to soak in the competition environment, surf renowned English surf breaks and visit surf iconic places. This exposure is vital for any surfers to open their horizons and embrace the surf culture and community. 

  • Coaching: Opportunities for our young coaches to immerse in performance surfing, gaining practical coaching experience alongside seasoned professionals. This contributes to their growth and the club's success as we highly value and understand how essential mentors are within our community. 

We believe this dynamic enhances individual performances, build confidence and strengthens the collective spirit of our club. 

The selection process for the competitions: 

Our competition selection process prioritizes commitment, passion, consistency, talent, and performance. We aim to give everyone a chance to participate, striving to accommodate all sign-ups within the constraints of each event. We will give all members a fair opportunity to experience the surf competition world. 


Committed to our community

How Kingsley Devon Surf Club Balances Accessibility with Aspiration, Cultivating Talent and Community.

We are dedicated to making the sport of surfing accessible to everyone. Despite the operational costs, including staffing, equipment, and transportation, we're committed to financial sustainability, largely supported by session fees. 

Our team comprises professional surf coaches and dedicated volunteers, including technical advisors Greg Norman and Ed Hay, performance coordinator Lil Burrows, and competition support staff Hannah and James Craxton. 

We understand the financial barriers that can hinder participation, which is why we offer free spots based on consistency, passion, and talent, alongside subsidies and reductions for families in need, through a transparent bursary process.  

Our approach has enabled us to support inspiring success stories, such as helping children with anxiety find a sense of belonging and confidence through surfing, demonstrating the transformative power of our sport and community. 

Our commitment to reinvesting all generated funds into the club ensures that we not only maintain our operations but also expand our reach and impact, making the sport of surfing accessible to all, regardless of financial background. It also ensures the club is able to grow and develop and to maintain a high standard of equipment we kit out our riders with.


Affiliated with Surfing England

Our affiliation with Surfing England shows our dedication to safety, quality, and fostering a supportive surfing community. 

Being affiliated with Surfing England offers heaps of benefits that enhance operational efficiency, visibility, and opportunities for our surf club. Our club is an integral part of Surfing England's network.   

It offers participants the opportunity to join a vibrant community of surf clubs across England, enjoy insurance for club activities, access opportunities for funding, and participate in the English Surf Club Champion Award at the Interclub.