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Our Curriculum

Students often exceed their own expectations over time due to support which takes account of each individual's strengths and needs.ISI Inspection 2019

Core Curriculum & Expansive Curriculum

A relevant curriculum for today's learners

The curriculum is distinct, comprising a Core Curriculum with 45-minute morning lessons and an Expansive Curriculum delivered in longer afternoon sessions. It offers traditional subjects from Year 7 to Year 13 and emphasizes project-based and applied learning. Mental health and wellbeing are prioritized for better outcomes. The unique approach blends traditional education with modern methodologies, fostering well-rounded individuals ready for academic success and life beyond the classroom.

Core Curriculum Expansive Curriculum
STEM subjects STEM (project-based)
Literacy Arts
Societies subjects Sport
Vocational subjects Outdoor Education
  Earth Centre



Core Curriculum

Covering the basics and learning to learn

At the heart of our educational approach is a student-centered Core Curriculum. It comprises pathways and subjects available from Years 7 to 11, leading to GCSE or BTEC qualifications.

Delivered through 45-minute lessons, primarily in the mornings for better receptivity, our small class sizes of 16 ensure individual attention, enabling full engagement in learning and preventing any student from being left behind. This approach aims to provide a comprehensive and supportive educational experience, preparing students for academic success and personal growth.

STEM Literacy Societies Vocational
Science English Literature History Hospitality
Mathematics English Language Geography ASDAN
Engineering EAL French Business
Computer Science   Spanish Economics
      Sports Science



Expansive Curriculum

Making learning fun!

Our dynamic Expansive Curriculum seamlessly weaves arts, sports, outdoor education, environmentalism, and STEM with the Core Curriculum. Afternoons brim with creativity, students exploring painting, dancing, music, and discovering their artistic flair. Sports enthusiasts enjoy games, teamwork, and skill-building. Outdoor education ignites a passion for nature, fostering environmentalism and resilience. Engaging in STEM projects, students delve into the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, honing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our well-rounded approach nurtures eco-conscious and innovative minds, empowering students to make positive contributions to the world. Embracing their passions and equipped with a robust skillset, they are primed for a future full of possibilities.

STEM Arts Sport Outdoor Education Earth Centre
Coding Art Traditional team sports Duke of Edinburgh Awards Kingsley Diploma
Robotics Drama Individual sports 10 Tors Land-based Studies
Institute of Science Music Judo specialism Jubilee Challenge Environmental Management



Gymnastics specialism

Exmoor Challenge


Design LAMDA Surfing specialism Kingsley Challenge HPQ
  Arts Award Recreational sports Water-based adventure  
    Adaptive sports Land-based adventure  

Expansive Curriculum - Making learning fun!




Surfing in the Curriculum

A surfing school, not a surf school

Yes, you will be surfing during your PE lessons! We aim for every student to have a chance to appreciate the benefit of the ocean and the joy of surfing. During your PE Games time, several sessions during the year will give you the basics of coastal water knowledge and water confidence. From years 1 to 13, all our students will have surf lessons and benefit from the ocean.

  • Surfing during games lessons

  • All ages from Year 1 to Year 13

  • Introduction to water knowledge

  • Blue Health

Surfing in the Curriculum - a surfing school, not a surf school

Senior classroom 20

An Inclusive Education

Where no child is left out or left behind

Kingsley School is a fully inclusive, diverse and proudly non-selective school, where each student is regarded as an individual with individual strengths, learning styles, passions and interests.

The classrooms are calm, supportive and nurturing learning environments where students can make progress and succeed irrespective of their starting points. Quality First Teaching in every classroom ensures that all learning styles, differences and challenges are accommodated and truly embraced to enhance the learning experience for everyone.

  • Use of individual student laptops in all classes
  • Teaching Assistant support available in all classes
  • Gifted and Talented students are stretched and challenged

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Students achieve success and happiness through positive mental health and wellbeing.

Mr R J Pavis - Head