At Kingsley School, we build on a child’s natural enthusiasm, excitement and spirit of enquiry to instil a love of learning and ensure they achieve their full potential. 


The Best for Young Learners

Our pupils experience the joy of aiming high and the satisfaction of achievement, both academically and in other areas of the school both within and outside of the classroom.

Small class sizes and a flexible approach through focused teaching methods mean we don’t follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; each child can be set individual challenges according to their needs, interests and abilities. 




Bright & Welcoming

Reception pupils progress with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum that was established in nursery and Pre-school, focusing on the key areas of learning which underpin their future development and education. 

The Reception class is a bright, airy space for children to explore, create, investigate and play and this continues outside the classroom. 




Healthy Body & Mind

In addition to the Early Years Curriculum, pupils enjoy French, Music and swimming lessons. Weekly PE sessions include judo, gymnastics, athletics, tennis and hockey. The children are also inspired to widen their interests through a variety of clubs including ballet, judo, yoga and creative activities.

The staff have a kind and caring nature with the children and spend quality time getting to know the children and taking part in their interests and extending their knowledge and learning in a fun and engaging way.