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Play & Learn

Kingsley School’s Early years provision provides a caring, stable and secure environment, which enables each child to develop self-confidence through play and learning to share. We adopt a homely and ‘hygge’ influence in each of our rooms in which children are based with their key workers who become their familiar person to go to when needing support and encouragement. With praise, encouragement and support, we help every child to develop a positive sense of themselves and of their peers.

In placing your child with us, you can be confident of our professional expertise in caring for children and rest assured that we shall make the transition from home to day care as smooth as possible for both you and your child.




Opening minds

Our Nursery routine is flexible and adapted to suit children’s individual needs and requirements where required. The key workers provide simulating and interesting short adult led activities to keep children engaged in learning and open their minds to new ideas and concepts. (Please see routine)

Early Years Routine




Our routine

Our Pre-School routine is loosely based on a school routine to support transition to more formal education. Themed adult-led sessions are provided to extend learning in different areas of development, as well as child-initiated sessions where children can learn and explore through play.

Our Pre-School children wear a uniform and are entitled to 15 hours of government funding. (Please see timetable)

Early Years Timetable



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To find out more please contact the Nursery Team.

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