Years 3-6

The curriculum for Years 3-6 is broad, varied and engaging.

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Enriched Teaching

With the flexibility offered by our extensive grounds and Earth Centre curriculum, and our access to specialised teaching resources in the Senior school, we are able to enrich and extend our teaching to provide the very best primary education for your child.



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Outside the Classroom

Our curriculum is ambitious, expansive, full of interesting facts and information, creating powerful subject knowledge across an extensive base of subjects. Personal, Social and Health Education is integrated into all curriculum areas. All children are given the opportunity to read each day in dedicated periods and are monitored through our Accelerated Reading programme.

Our Expansive Curriculum includes a comprehensive outdoor learning programme, performing arts, and both team and individual sports including Judo in our very own dojo, and gymnastics in our fully equipped Gymnasium, all taught by specialist sports staff.




Enjoyment is Key

We believe that children learn best of all when they are enjoying their work and it is this concept which forms the basis for much of our teaching approach in the school. The way the children learn is a mixture of class lessons, group work and individual learning. Our lessons are engaging and all work is clearly differentiated. The staff work closely as a team in their planning of the curriculum, having high expectations of all the children in their care.