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Kingsley School Devon Wins Environmental Practice Award at Education Business Awards 2023

Kingsley School Devon has been recognised with the prestigious Environmental Practice Award at the Education Business Awards 2023 in London. The award is given to the school that demonstrates an innovative commitment to sustainability, environmentalism, and ecology, and demonstrate significant impacts in these areas.

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The school's Earth Centre concept has put sustainable, environmental, and ecological education at the forefront of the Kingsley curriculum, providing students with a holistic understanding of issues and topics related to the environment. The Earth Centre offers a range of courses, including forest school programmes, environmental studies classes, and diploma programmes focused on sustainable principles.


Kingsley School Devon's estate management practices also contribute towards achieving their goal of carbon neutrality by 2027. The school partnered with Energy 361 to quantify their carbon footprint and reduce their reliance on grid-provided electricity. They have also enhanced carbon sinks on their school site through tree planting and permaculture practices.


Moreover, the school strives for sustainable procurement practices by sourcing local produce and reducing waste through the "Zero-to-landfill" programme. Students have planted over 1500 trees, created habitats for animals, and managed an on-site ecology zone and market garden, further supporting their commitment to environmentalism.


The culture of sustainability at Kingsley School Devon is embedded throughout the school. Students are empowered to make a change by participating in discussions and directing the school towards a more sustainable future. The Earth Centre Society, which spans across the prep and senior school, meets once a week to consider and direct the school’s efforts towards sustainability.


In conclusion, we are so proud that Kingsley's student's and staff's outstanding efforts towards sustainability, environmentalism, and ecology have resulted in the well-deserved recognition of winning the Environmental Practice Award at the Education Business Awards. By providing students with a holistic understanding of the environment, implementing sustainable practices, and fostering a culture of sustainability, the school is preparing students to become leaders in creating a more sustainable future for us all.