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Happy International Womens Day

Happy International Womens Day

This morning we received a very small brown paper package which contained an ‘autograph’ book. This book belonged to Amy Mair, who joined Edgehill College in 1933 when she was 11 years old.

The autographs in the book are from her community of women - school friends and teachers - at Edgehill College mostly throughout the 1930s. The inscriptions do give some fascinating insights into female friendships, kind guidance, and philosophies in those years.

We will most certainly treasure this autograph book and make a digital copy of it for our archives.

Kingsley is steeped in so much history, and today, on International Women’s Day we want to recognise all the wonderful female teachers and staff who have worked at Stella Maris, Grenville College, Edgehill College and today at Kingsley, inspiring the next generation. Women have been at the heart of our schools since 1884.

Thank you for everything. Happy International Women's Day. ❤️


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