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Sixth Form

A World-class Sixth Form

Learning for Life

Kingsley School Sixth Form is a beacon of excellence, providing an exceptional educational experience. With dedicated teachers and personalized support, students thrive academically, surpassing their potential. A diverse range of A-level courses and enrichment opportunities cater to individual interests and aspirations, shaping well-rounded individuals. The vibrant community fosters lasting friendships and a supportive network.

Excellent facilities, including an impressive Sixth Form Centre, a Library, a theatre, arts studios, and sports facilities, enhance learning and talent development. Emphasis on leadership and service cultivates responsible global citizens. Kingsley Sixth Form graduates are equipped with a solid academic foundation, critical thinking abilities, and a passion for lifelong learning, paving the way for remarkable futures.


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Six reasons to choose Kingsley School Sixth Form

  1. Wide range of academic subjects and full access to Kingsley Online
  2. Extended Project Qualifications for all Sixth Form students
  3. Individual support from personal Sixth Form tutors inside and outside the classroom
  4. Expansive Curriculum focusing on STEM, sport, performing arts, outdoor education, environmentalism and sustainability
  5. Top Universities Programme to ensure best destinations after Sixth Form
  6. Excellent social and study facilities in our well-appointed Sixth Form Centre


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100% Scholarships

Top Universities and Sports Scholarships (rugby, football, netball) offer full day-fee scholarships, granting access to premium tutoring and coaching, helping students to achieve their ambitions. Scholarships cover day fees, with boarders responsible for applicable boarding costs.


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Independent Learning

The Sixth Form Centre empowers students to embrace academic independence while providing a social space for forging life-lasting friendships. Private study facilities and the central Library facilitate academic growth and dedicated tutor support ensures each student reaches their potential and achieves their chosen post-Sixth Form destination.


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Outside the Classroom

The Expansive Curriculum allows students to continue with their passions and interests in sport, performing arts, outdoor education, leadership, academic curiosity, service and volunteering so that they are able to submit application forms for universities or apprenticeships of the very highest quality.


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Preparation for University

Specialist advisers offer expert guidance to all Sixth Form students, from course and university selection to crafting personal statements. Lower Sixth students undergo a comprehensive UCAS induction, attend the Exeter University Fair, and benefit from dedicated UCAS preparation and university visits. Top Universities Programme participants receive tailored support and preparation for their chosen pathways.


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A-level Subjects (and Examination Boards)

Students study 3 subjects in the Sixth Form plus an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)

A-level (OCR) A-level (AQA) A-level (Edexcel) Applied
Art Biology Drama BTEC Business
Photography Chemistry English Literature BTEC Hospitality
Psychology Economics Geography BTEC Music
  French History CTEC Sport
  Physics Mathematics CTEC Sport
  Spanish Further Mathematics  


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EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)

Sixth Form students are also required to do an EPQ which is valued by universities as 50% of a full A level. (Further mathematics students would not normally do an EPQ). Students are encouraged to focus on one of the 17 UNESCO Sustainability Goals, though may choose any subject relevant to their interests.


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Kingsley Online - Virtual School

The Kingsley Virtual School is a unique collaboration between Kingsley School and Greene's Tutorial College in Oxford. Courses are delivered online, face-to-face with a live tutor who will be responsible for your progress and who will provide instant feedback on your progress.

Students may choose one of their 3 A-level / BTEC subjects to be studied through the Kingsley Virtual School, where their remaining subjects will be delivered at Kingsley, together with great pastoral care.

Cantonese German Mandarin Italian
Computer Science Geology Law Philosophy
Politics Sociology    



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Leadership & Service

Kingsley Sixth Form nurtures leadership and service among students, fostering a sense of responsibility and compassion. Emphasis on community involvement and giving back empowers students to become proactive global citizens, making a positive impact on society and shaping a better future. Opportunities include;

  • Heads and Deputy Heads of School
  • Heads of Houses
  • Heads of Boarding
  • Subject Ambassadors
  • Society Ambassadors

Character education cultivates essential qualities like integrity, empathy, resilience, and responsibility. It empowers students to make ethical choices, develop positive relationships, and contribute meaningfully to society, preparing them for success and fulfilment in life.

Pupils develop high levels of self-confidence and self-knowledge due to excellent support from dedicated staff.

ISI Inspection 2019

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