Kingsley Surf Academy

KSB Academy 01

Supporting our students to become confident, competent and healthy surfers.

Nippers: Year 3-5

Groms: Year 6-9Rookies: Year 10+

Surf n' English (12 Night Holiday Camp)Surf Academy (5 Night Holiday Camp)


Surf Academy 1Surf Session - Surf, Learn & Water confidence

  • Our aim is to build confident, knowledgeable, skilful and responsible surfers.
  • We have a holistic approach; as well as surfing, we will practice bodysurfing, water knowledge, water confidence exercises...
  • We will leave from the school and go surfing; parents will pick up from Northam burrows.


Surf Academy 2Theory Session - Understand surfing better

  • We will discuss, practice, analyse and have fun dissecting the sport of surfing.
  • Sessions will be interactive and fun! We will build a strong knowledge basis in all aspect of surfing in order for our pupils to become well rounded water people!



Surf Academy 3Surf Skate - Practice in & out of the water

  • Use of surf skates to develop balance, motricity and surf related movement dynamics.
  • Surf skate offers the opportunity to practice surf specific motions out of the water.
  • Surf skate is immense fun!


Surf Academy 4Surf Training - Healthy minds & surf ready

  • Surf specific training session that will encourage healthy lifestyles as well as targeting areas of progression.
  • The focus will be on mental as well as physical wellbeing.
  • A healthy mindset builds confidence and will pave the way to well rounded athletes.


Surf Academy 6Workshops - Meet the local experts, be curious

  • Local experts will share their knowledge and provide critical input into our surfers progression.
  • Strengh & Conditioning, Mindfulness, water confidence, eco responsibility, bodysurfing and much more...


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Is the surf club and surf academy the same thing?

The short answer is No, the academy is in addition to the surf club. The surf club is a staple of Kingsley and over the last 15 years hundreds of pupils have had the opportunity to try and love surfing. Mr. Mathers & Mr. Whaley will keep on doing outstanding work with the club and give everyone in school a chance to enjoy the ocean. The academy is the opportunity for the most passionate to push their surfing and access a continuous coaching framework.

Can anyone join?

Yes! We welcome any pupil who is willing to push their surfing regardless of level or current knowledge of the sport. We are looking for passionate, committed and resilient pupils who wish to excel in the sport of surfing.

How will the surfers get to the surf session?

We have a brand new surf academy space created outside one of our boarding houses where pupils will be able to come and get changed into their wetsuits. They will then jump in a Kingsley minibus that has been geared up with all the equipment needed to deliver surf lessons. If your child is a day pupil you will be able to pick them up straight away from Northam Burrows. For boarders/Flexi-boarders they will come back to the surf academy, get changed and go back to their boarding house.

What benefit are children getting from surfing?

Looking after young peoples mental as well as physical health is essential for well-rounded individuals especially in sports.

The benefits of living a lifestyle near the sea on our mental wellbeing is well documented and combining this with the sport of surfing enhances the positive effects and is now often prescribed by doctors to aid mental health.

Those who actively participate in surfing can see a reduction in stress, improved mood and better coping techniques for day to day life.

Our young people will learn these techniques and tools that will help them to be resilient in and out of the water.

Visualisation, breath work, sleep, physical activity and nutrition all support the foundations of the KSSA vision to boost mental health and facilitate the therapeutic benefits of being in the ocean, whilst developing athletic surf capabilities in all.

How often will we surf ?

We will have four Academy surf sessions over the course of the term, this will be in addition to games surf sessions and surf club sessions.

is this too much ?

We will keep in touch with every pupil’s tutor and insure that the balance between fun and academics is respected. We want our surfers to come out of Kingsley with an aspiration to thrive in every aspect of their life and be balanced, measured and responsible individuals.

Why train on land for surfing ?

Surfing is dynamic, with an ever evolving playground: The ocean. Waves are always different and practicing only while in the water can make progress slow and difficult. The opportunity to practice on land will allow pupils to repeat and secure skills and knowledge that they will carry in the water.